Thursday, October 22, 2009

I still like sandwiches, yes I do.

Some of my loyal readers have been gently reminding me that my blogging has been sparse of late. It is true. I don't have any great excuses, just being busy and distracted from my life's work of sandwich eating.

I have been getting my sandwich groove back lately. Last week I had a double feature of my favorites-a North Beach sub from Buon Giorno for lunch and a curry mock duck from Bun Mi for dinner. I followed that a couple days later with a stunner from Salty Tart: roasted squash, wilted kale, blue cheese and honey butter on a baguette. Friends, do this to humor me-get some honey butter and blue cheese and spread it on French bread. Now isn't that just the most delicious thing?

Speaking of Bun Mi, I have been eating lots of sandwiches from there . I love that place. I know I've posted before but you should really check it out. My friend Ethan and I went there for lunch today, as a matter of fact. I got the Bun Mi special--that's grilled pork and special eggs. It's so good. The pork is nice and spicy and the eggs are scrambled and slightly sweet, almost like the egg you get with sushi. Ethan got the Vietnamese Classic, which is pate, bbq pork and roast pork. This is the first Bun Mi I had and it was great. I think I'll have to get it next time, now that I've mostly worked through the menu. We both got fries as well. The fires are lightly battered and served with spicy mayo. Seriously, Bun Mi, are you trying to kill me with your deliciousness?

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