Sunday, July 5, 2009

Make new friends but keep the old... is the Seward Coop's excellent bratwurst and the other is Everett's coarse ground weiner. Oh, that didn't rhyme, did it?
I had some folks over yesterday for a little July 4th cookout. Originally I was just going to have the awesome hot dogs (officially the coarse ground weiners, but I giggle too much when I say weiners, so I'm calling them hot dogs from here on out) from Everett's. Then, while I was shopping at the Seward Coop, I saw their variety of bratwurst and knew that the dogs needed some company. I got wild rice brats and cheese curd brats. Unfortunately I burned the living crap out of them in our flame throwing gas grill (it's got a rusty hole in the burner). It is a testament to their quality that the large amount of carbon surrounding them did not detract from their fantastic flavor. It is also a credit to both the hot dog's and cheese curd brat's great taste that I ate them before I remembered to take pictures of them. You will have to be content with the platter of casinged goodness and condiment selection!

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