Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pierogies are sandwiches, if only for one night

Now sing along with me….don’t you know that catching up is hard to do…..

I’m embarrassed to see that I haven’t posted anything since our pierogie ANTM finale spectacular. Oh my. Perhaps I have a massive pierogie hangover?Let’s review. Pierogies, while not technically sandwiches, are delicious and fun to make and eat. Cycle 13 of ANTM was full of unconventional elements and thus called for an unconventional meal to celebrate it’s blessed closure.

The pierogie recipe is from Beth’s dad, who got it from his mother. We were lucky to get the family recipe from him before he passed away. The secret is to make the dough with milk instead of water. We have added some tricks of our own, such as rolling it out with a pasta maker instead of by hand, but the base recipe remains unchanged: flour, eggs, and milk. For fillings, we went with the traditional favorites: potato cheese, sauerkraut, and prune. To prepare the pierogies, you boil them in water, then fry them in butter. Then you dip them in butter as you eat them. How can you go wrong, eating all that fat while watching skinny girls battle to become yet another “America’s Top Model?”
I fried up a Polish sausage and made some caramelized onions and sour cream horseradish sauce as accompaniments. Karen brought red cabbage. It was delicious!

(In fact, just talking about it at Thanksgiving inspired us to make more for Christmas dinner at Beth’s family’s. We spent a whole day making 500 pierogies with her brothers and ate them for our holiday meal. Even the picky children loved them!)

The ANTM finale was fine. They all run together for me anymore. There was a Covergirl photoshoot and a fashion show and some teary short girl who doesn’t have an actual modeling future won. How sad is it that 5 weeks after the show I can’t remember who won. Sorry, whoever you are. I hope you are getting work. I really really do!

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