Friday, September 11, 2009

Invasion of the Little People

There’s something about bacon and the prospect of making fun of overly emotional short girls that can really draw a crowd. There was a record crowd at Sandwich Night. I lost track of how many people I invited a few days before the event. I was justifiably distracted by the fact that my parents, my brother and his family, and Beth had been visiting me in a chaotic whirlwind during the two weeks leading up to this momentous event. I started to add up the “yes” RSVP’s and I was getting close to a dozen people. Yippee! That’s a lot of bacon.
I bought and fried up 3 pounds of bacon the night before and even though it was a very impressive pile, it just didn’t seem like enough. What would Sandwich Night be without a last minute Everett’s bacon run, anyway? That way, I fried up the 4th pound of bacon right before my guests arrived. I’m told they could smell it halfway down the block.
I also got farmer’s market tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, sourdough, whole wheat and Baconnaise. I whipped up some spicy mayo with sriracha and Hellman’s, too. I stood the bacon up in a deep bowl, which impressed my guest mightily. “Bowl of bacon!” became the rallying cry of the night.The twelve Sandwich lovers included lots of Sandwich Night newbies, including my friend Kristine who was making her first visit with Tinkerbelle since Tink moved from her house to mine. It was a happy reunion, although Tinkerbelle pretended not to care, the way cats do.
After the BLT’s (And yes, the bacon went. All of it. Fast.) we settled into the season premiere of ANTM. My friend Toni knows Rae, the homemaker/mom from Minnesota, so we were all excited to see how she did. Toni couldn’t make it for the sandwiches but did manage to show up for the second hour of the premiere. Thank goodness! She got to see Rae win photo of the week. Even though these poor short girls haven’t got an actual chance at modeling, it should be an entertaining season. Just like always!

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