Monday, May 18, 2009

Fry bread fierceness

We celebrated the season finale of America's Next Top Model last week with Indian Tacos. I bet you thought that you couldn't improve upon a taco made with a delicious corn or flour tortilla. Au contraire, you can build your taco on a delicious piece of fry bread. Bread is alwasys tastier when fried, right?
I'm a total fry bread novice, though. For my first attempt, the bread turned out pretty well, even if they were a little small. Can you see the fry bread under all of the toppings? Also, does it look like the Indian Taco is menacing Kate? It's saying, "Don't leave us!!! There won't be Sandwich Nights like this when you're getting all fancy educated in Michigan! PhD, schmee aich dee!"
I used a fry bread recipe I found online that uses both powdered and regular milk. I think it made the dough rather tender and lovely. I'd add more salt next time, though. Unfortunately Angie didn't get her super top secret fry bread recipe from an unnamed source to me in time. We'll have to reprise the Indian Taco in the near future.
For toppings, I had seasoned bison meat, chili beans, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, black olives, salsa and taco sauce. As usual, everyone--that being Kate, Karen, Angie, and Katy, dove in and created their own masterpieces. Since my fry bread was small and sort of thick, you couldn't fold it around the ingredients. We had to eat the tacos tostada style, with knives and forks. All you sandwich purists can shudder all you like. We were quite content.
Limes were on sale at the store so I took that as a sign from above that we should have margaritas made from freash lime juice. I got the recipe from my cousin: 2 parts lime juice, 1 part simple syrup, 2 parts tequila, 1 part triple sec. That equals 6 parts of YUM. And of danger. We all sipped since it was a school night.
The ANTM finale was actually sort of exciting. I knew Teyona (right) would win but freaky Allison(center) made a very strong case for herself in the end. Like the contestants, I almost couldn't look at the winner's picture at the end. Anyway, here's to freaky alien looking country girls and Sandwich Nights!

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