Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Next Sandwich Night!

Little Bethy is getting ready to embark on a grand adventure as a travelling correspondant for Sandwiches I Have Loved. She will ride her bicycle across the country over the next few months, reporting on sandwiches she eats along the way.
With that in mind, I gave her total creative control for the last Sandwich Night before she leaves. She has chosen the Senegalese Hamburger as the sandwich. Entertainment is TBA.
What is a Senegalese Hamburger, you may ask? I will base them on hamburgers I ate while in Senegal in 1993. They are gigantic affairs--stuffed with French fries, a fried egg, Swiss cheese, mustard, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, maybe some onions--and a hamburger patty, of course.
We will be serving them up on Tuesday, March 24 around 7:00 PM. Come on over!

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