Monday, December 8, 2008

Closing in on #300

It's terribly exciting, isn't it? I went through a bit of a sandwich drought over the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure why--other things sounded better? I was too busy sleeping in to make my lunch in the morning? Who knows?
This past weekend I came back with a vengeance, though. It started at lucnh on Friday with the always delicious turkey and cranberry jam, this time on sourdough with spinach. Yum. For dinner Friday, I tried the pork Azteca sandwich at Pepito's. It was nice and spicy, with all sorts of stuff on it. It was the type of sandwich you can't put down once you start eating it or else it will goosh everywhere.
On Saturday I braved the early afternoon No Coast Craft-o-rama crowds at the Midtown Global Market in order to get a falafel combination sandwich from the Holy Land Deli. It was totally worth the wait in crazy parking ramp traffic. I managed to escape the line and found a spot on 10th Avenue, just across Lake from the MGM. There's a tip for all you folks looking for close and easy parking! The sandwich, which I ordered with hot sauce and tahini, was as fabulous as always. I ate it while watching the Craft-a-thon competition in the central seating area. I didn't stick around for the awarding of prizes, so if anyone did, let me know. My bet was on the Caffeinator team with their weird looking stuffed animal.
I rounded out the day with a chicken parmesan sandwich from Pizza Luce. It was really good. The chicken is marniated and cooked without breading (so not technically a chicken parmesan, but who's checking?) and toasted up with red onions, tomato, cheese, and red sauce. Lovely!
I finished out the weekend with a grilled ham and swiss at home on Sunday. That's a good companion for a football game, I think!

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