Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eggy Cheesy Goodness

Karen hosted the first Sandwich Night on the Road last night. The fried egg sandwich was raised to new heights of deliciousness, due largely to her shopping spree at Trader Joes. There were so many cheeses and breads from which to choose! The big hits included mini bagels (genius), brioche rolls and cheddar cheese with Moroccan spices. Kate rummaged through Karen's herbs and spices and came up with the inspired addition of herbs de Provence to her sandwich. We all followed suit. Fantastic.
Beth channeled her days as a Denny's cook and cooked our eggs up right, including scrambling Kate's eggs. Hey, fried eggs aren't for everyone and Sandwich Night is about breaking the rules, man!
We did have a narrow brush with tragedy, however. When Beth and I went to Everett's to pick up bacon on Saturday, they had run out. What???? We weren't the only confused and disappointed customers in the store, that's for sure. When I stopped by after work on Monday, they had mercifully restocked. The cashier said people had been coming in all day just to get bacon. Kind of like a run on the bank. The salty smoky bacon bank, that is.

We all made two sandwiches--why not with all the bounty? This is my favorite: mini bagel, over medium egg, co-jack, brie, herbs de Provence, bacon. I also made the one pictured at the top:brioche roll, over medium egg, Moroccan cheddar, Canadian bacon, and Thai chili garlic sauce. Yum. Around the world on a bun.

I don't know whose sandwich this is, but isn't it pretty?
We gobbled our sandwiches down before Heroes started so we could focus on the shocking mid season cliffhanger. I wonder what will happen next? Will the writers reach an agreement on DVD and internet royalties in time? Cross your fingers!

And we could hardly take our eyes off the cover of Roadfood Sandwiches all night, so we're having muffulettas next. Monday the 17th at our place. We're watching the America's Next Top Model finale on tape, so we can heckle more effectively. Join us!


kate said...

For posterity, the mystery sandwich is mine, and it consisted of the classic english muffin, cheddar cheese, scrambled egg, and bacon. Kind of like an egg mcmuffin... only actually good.

Oh man, now I'm hungry.

Jane said...

OK...cross your fingers...I SHOULD be able to make the next Sandwich Night. Finals will be mostly over (at least the hard ones). I'm not letting this 'school' thing get in my way anymore!