Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love the Google

While doing some terribly important research (sandwiches and travel, of course) on the internet, I came upon an astounding discovery. I was searching on the Roadfood website for places to eat in San Francisco and Portland, since Beth and I were heading there over Thanksgiving. To my pleasant surprise, the featured Roadfood of the day was a Fried Egg Sandwich! Cool! The reviewer described a fancy egg sandwich from a fancy sandwich place called 'wichcraft in New York City. Since I am a slave to sandwich night research, I had to check out their site. Lo and behold, they have a store in San Francisco!

We had lunch there on Monday--the fried egg (toasted ciabatta, over hard eggs, vinaigrette dressed frisee, bacon, gorgonzola cheese) as well as the roasted turkey (toasted ciabatta, real turkey, avocado, bacon, onion relish). Both were pretty phenomenal. As a bonus, they came with delicious Tim's potato chips. The only improvement on the fried egg would have been an over medium yolk, like the Roadfood site described. Are Californians afraid of undercooked yolks? The turkey sandwich was pretty much perfect. Check out their menu for some more awesome sandwich ideas. I wish they would open in downtown St. Paul, how cool would that be?


kate said...

WOW, sandwich night really is going on the road! More posts like this! I think you should travel the world in search of the ideal sandwich.

Otherwise, do they do francises? If so, I think you've found what you should be when you grow up :P

Peter said...

You could copy and paste this into and no one would bat an eye....i'm proud to be your brother.