Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday is for Sandwiches, even when it's not

Sorry folks, no Sandwich Night tonight. We are reviewing the availability of some of our favorite sandwich guests and will post the date for the next night--FRENCH DIP!--soon.

So let me reminisce about recent sandwiches I have loved, to fill your sandwich yearnings. I got a great one at the Holy Land Deli:The Falafel Combination. A big pita bread, stuffed with falafel, fried cauliflower, zucchini, and some other delicious things. I got it with tahini. It was so big that Beth and I ended up sharing it for dinner. Yum! Plus I got the bonus cultural experience of seeing the place packed out with people enjoying the dinner buffet for Ramadan. Beth and I went back a few days later and had the buffet and it was fabulous. Not sure if it's as extensive after Ramadan....that will take another trip!

Which takes me back to one more sandwich memory (bear with me--I could give my whole life history in food.) When I studied in Senegal during college, I participated in the Ramadan fast for most of the month. It seemed like the right thing to do, plus it gave me a better understanding of how people feel after they've fasted all day. My host family had a daily small meal to break the fast that started with dates (just like Mohammed is said to have done) and Swiss cheese sandwiches on French bread. Just super fresh baguette, spread with butter, and topped with a couple slices of Swiss cheese. Light. Delicious. And it totally holds you over until the real feasting begins at supper! I'm not a huge Swiss cheese fan, but one taste and I'm back at the Ndiaye family house in Dakar gratefully sucking down ice cold water and cheese sammies at the end of a hot day. The dates were pretty awesome, too.

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kate said...

I had dinner at my advisor's house on Friday, and they served dates stuffed with camembert. They were heavenly. I guess not really a sandwich for the purists out there, but it was something yummy inside something else yummy, so that makes it a sandwich to me.

Also, I am all about French Dips whenever they happen. Even if I have to skip class to come. Well, maybe not... Is the Slicer coming to the party too?